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Expressions of Interest - Contractors

Blyth Town Council are inviting contractors who wish to be added to our works list to contact us.

We will then ask for further information to be supplied.

Email: info@blythtowncouncil.gov.uk

The works the Council carry out throughout the year cover items such as:

- Bus Shelter Repairs, Bin Pad Installations, Seat Installations, Fence Repairs, Playground Equipment Repairs, Wet Pour Repairs, Water Repairs and Painting of Assets.

Contact us for more information.


Invitation to Tender for Replacement Water System on Bolam Avenue Allotment Site - Closing Date 12 noon on 25 March 2024 (OPEN)

Update (14/03/2024): The contract portal is being updated today with a revised date for tenders closing time and date is now 8th April at 12:00pm.

Blyth Town Council propose to install a new water system on its Bolam Avenue allotment site.
​​​​​​​The successful contractor can programme this work as soon as possible, as shown in Section 16 of the document downloadable below.
This project is to replace the existing system currently on site, including installing isolation valves on each lane.
​​​​​​​The current system is some 50 years old and is now subject to water leaks.

Location: The Bolam Site is in the Cowpen area of the town. (Post Code NE24 5BN)

Full documentation on the project, including how to apply, can be found here - Bolam Ave Allotments Tender Documentation

A brief for the Tender can be found by visiting - Bolam Ave Allotments Tender on Contacts Finder (opens in a new window)

Axwell Drive Play Area and Footpath Invitation To Tender - Closing Date 12 noon on 11 March 2024 (OPEN)

​​​​​​​Blyth Town Council proposes to install a new Play Area project in the financial year 2024/25. This exciting project is planned to help enhance the Play Provision within Blyth, as provided by the Town Council.

The scheme is in the Axwell Drive area of the town, which incorporates the Play Area, as well as a footpath to link the Play Area to the existing highway.
Further documentation details highlight the work required, and the start /end date may be negotiable, but the Council are looking for this work to be started ASAP after the contract award date.

Full details can be found on how to apply by visiting Axwell Drive Tender on Contracts Finder (opens in a new window)


Blyth Town Council Procurement 2024/25

Blyth Town Council require costings for repairs and installation for the following services listed below for a period of 12 months 

1. Water leak repairs We require an hourly rate for 1-2 men to conduct such repairs, obviously they would need to be dealt with as soon as reported depending on resources.

2. Concrete Bin Pads 90ltr bin would require   600mmx600mm x100mm pad 

                                       180Ltr bin would require   700mmx700mmx100mm pad

The pads need 4 steel pins inserted at a 45-degree angle to increase the stability of the pad from being rocked and removed.

To include the removal of the spoil from the excavation

3. Concrete Seat Pads 1.57 by 0.680m   1.06SQM in total to include the removal of the spoil from the excavation

4. Wet Pour Play Area Repairs To an area 300mm x 300mm obviously the bigger the area the greater the cost. We would require these repairs to be attended to asap in line with the current Town Council policy.

5. Play Area Repairs We require an hourly rate for 1-2 men to undertake repairs on our 17 play areas when identified or reported. ( Some parts will be supplied within parts guarantee agreements)

6. Bus shelter Repairs Replace Perspex with mesh panels which are assorted sizes (see below) the mesh should be 1mm thick and the holes are 3 over 5 mm pitch

1130mm x 750mm

1330mm x 1310mm

9990mm x 1000mm  

The majority of the bottom panels are (see below)

1330mm x 700mm

All panels that are replace will require painting prior to installation in the Blyth Town Council colour which is colour code RAL 3005

If your company can deliver any of the services listed above, please supply the required quotations to the following email address by Friday 15 March 2024.