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Our Services

Our Services

Blyth Town Council have contracted Enforcement Officers who work 5 days a week dealing with issues in Blyth. The issues include, fly tipping, littering, dog fouling, abandoned vehicles and accumulations of waste.

If you notice any issues within Blyth that you think need dealt with please give us a call on 01670 361668 or email and let us know.

We are in charge of a number of services across Blyth, some in partnership with Northumberland County Council.

Allotments - Blyth Town Council manage a number of allotment sites throughout Blyth, but we also work in partnership with the local Allotment Associations to run them, Bolam Avenue, Twentieth Avenue and South View sites are managed by Blyth Smallholdings and Allotment Association. Newsham Side Club and Beatrice Avenue (old) sites are managed by Newsham and New Delaval Allotment Association. For a full list of allotment sites, and how to apply for an allotment, please click the link

Bus Shelters - Blyth Town Council has responsibility for the inspection and cleansing of the following post 2003 bus shelters throughout Blyth:

Front Street – opposite Social Club, Bebside Cowpen Road – opposite Hodgson Road junction Wharton Road, Newsham Druridge Drive, Newsham South Newsham Road junction Fulmar Drive, Wensleydale Terrace, Park Farm Villas, Amersham Road, Felstead Place, Plessey Road, and 11th Avenue.

Blyth in Bloom - Blyth Town Council host a local gardening competition for the people of Blyth. If you think that your garden has what it takes then get involved! You can look at how to enter the competition and more information about it here!

Litter Issues - Blyth Town Council now have an Enforcement Officer. If you have noticed any litter issues throughout Blyth and would like to raise them please visit the Litter Issues page.

Partnership - Blyth Town Council entered into a five year Partnership Agreement with Northumberland County Council that started on 1 April 2014. The aim of the Partnership is to work together to deliver enhanced environmental services in Blyth. We have a jointly funded team dedicated to Blyth and its upkeep.

Play Areas - The Town Council is committed to updating the existing play areas in Blyth. We carry out the routine inspection and maintenance of a number of Play Areas throughout Blyth. With support from Northumberland County Council, we keep our play areas in the best shape possible so that they can be used to have the best time possible. Please see the links below to see which Play Areas that we are responsible.

Public SeatingBlyth Town Council are responsible for the maintenance of a large number of public seats within Blyth, which you can see a list of below.

Community GrantsBTC have a Community Grants scheme, in which we will help local community groups within Blyth. If you would like to bid for a grant for your community group please see click the link.

Planning - The Town Council plays an active part in all local planning issues, however, while the Town Council is consulted on planning issues, Northumberland County Council is the planning authority.

War Memorials - The Town Council are responsible for the war memorials at Ridley Park, Newsham Pavilion and Cowpen. To date the memorials have been cleaned and some minor repairs have been made, and major refurbishment of the Ridley Park War Memorial has been completed.