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Leading Link to Manage Blyth Carnival for the Next Three Years

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Blyth Town Council has announced that its annual carnival will be managed for the next three years by Bedlington based charity, Leading Link. With a wealth of experience in event coordination and a track record of consistent growth, Leading Link is well-positioned to develop and expand the carnival to new heights.

Working closely with Blyth Town Council, Leading Link aims to strengthen their collaboration, combining forces, contacts, and expertise to enhance the overall experience of the carnival. The organisation’s community links with businesses, schools, community groups, residents’ associations, and their growing team of Young Leaders are crucial elements in ensuring the successful delivery and operation of the event.

To rejuvenate the carnival experience, Leading Link proposes a new location for the event. This change not only brings forth fresh logistical challenges but also provides an opportunity to create a more engaging and expansive carnival. The introduction of themed zones, such as “food,” “creative,” “be active,” and “challenge,” will offer a diverse range of activities, providing something for everyone.

“We envision transforming the carnival into a small ‘festival village,’ where the community can actively participate and enjoy various performances and activities,” says Chris Johnson, Operations Manager at Leading Link. “Our aim is to showcase the rich talent of Blyth and create a memorable experience for attendees.”

The proposed theme for this year’s carnival is “The Pirates Takeover,” featuring school children dressed as mini pirates, a parade with a 30-foot drivable pirate ship, and a lively atmosphere filled with smoke, chanting, and laughter.

Julie Summers, Events Co-ordinator for Blyth Town Council said: “We were delighted to award the planning of the carnival to Leading Link. They have excellent community credentials and a whole host of contacts that will ensure the success of the event. Despite ongoing works in the Market Square, we are committed to ensuring the continuity of the event. We’ve looked at potential new locations, including the Quayside and Ridley Park and will decide soon on the venue which will offer the best possible experience for participants and attendees.”