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Grass cutting trial.

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Partnership between Blyth Town Council and Northumberland County Council Grass cutting trial.

Blyth Town Council along with their partners at Northumberland County Council are trialling a new initiative regarding the grass cutting schedule.

We are now concentrating more on the quality of the cutting rather than the quantity.

The three main routes into Blyth (called Gateway routes) are Cowpen Road, Links Road, and Laverock Hall Road through to South Newsham Road.  Blyth’s main through routes are Newsham, Newcastle Road and Plessey Road these are also classified as Gateway Routes.  These routes will be cut more often and to a higher standard, this is to give a good first impression to visitors to Blyth.

All other areas (called Amenity Areas) will still be cut to a high standard but will now be cut to Northumberland County Councils recommended core cut schedule.

Due to Blyth Town Council and Northumberland County Council monitoring, we are aware that there have been a number of logistical issues flagged up at the start of this new trial, but they are in the process of being resolved.  We would appreciate any feedback to