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Blyth Town Council Chambers

About the Council

Blyth Town Council was inaugurated in April 2009 following Local Government negotiations with Northumberland County Council. The first election to the Council was held on 4 June 2009. The Town Council was formed to fill a democratic deficit left on the creation of the newly-formed unitary authority Northumberland County Council. This had replaced the previous Northumberland County Council and six district councils within the county, one of which was Blyth Valley Borough Council. The representation consists of sixteen councillors divided among eight wards, namely:

Cowpen • Croft • Isabella • Kitty Brewster • Newsham • Plessey • South Blyth • Wensleydale

Local Councillors

Click here for information on your local councillors for each ward Your Local Councillors (opens in a new window)

Ward Boundries

Please find attached the direct link to the Ordnance Survey’s interactive map covering the ward boundaries of Northumberland (including Blyth): www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk

Event Single


Blyth Partnership Working Zones

The work carried out by Northumberland County Council under the Partnership Agreement is split into 3 Areas, with each area being split into 6 zones.Work is carried out in 3 areas, alternating on a fortnightly basis.
Please see the 3 Maps below of the Areas.

Maps are currently being updated


Blyth Town Council Responsibilities

Items such as Beneifts, Council Tax, highways and planning are the responsibility of Northumberland County Council (opens in a new window) 
Issues such as pot holes, hedge trimming and street lighting can be reported here Fix My street (opens in a new window)


In addition to Full Council, there are three main Committees, which are the Community Development, Environment Committee and Governance Committee. The responsibilities of these Committees are as follows:

Community Development: 
Community Grants, Events and Planning

Environment Committee:
Allotments and Environmental Services 

Finance, Policy Working Group, Staffing and Complaints.

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